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The Quakers of Color International Archive (QCIA) is a multi-media study-and-research collection. It is intended as the first centralized, comprehensive collection of videos, writings, films, and audio resources by and about Quakers of Color worldwide. 



We began with a pilot project in spring 2019, interviewing outstanding Quakers of Color from Africa, the Middle East, and the USA. Our first interviewees were Palestinian Friend Jean Zaru, Kenyan Friend Dancan Sabwa, Bolivian Friend Emma Condori Mamani, and African American Friends: pioneering educator Joan Countryman, community activist James Varner, and scholar-activist Harold D. (Hal) Weaver. It has now grown to include South African politician-diplomat Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge, MIT Political Scientist Kenneth Oye, physicist Lawrence M. Jordan, educator Carolyne Lamar Jordan, and Swarthmore academic administrator Maurice Eldridge.  Further interviews await posting



The QCIA is accessible to scholars, educators, and students who wish a better understanding of the lives, achievements, and contributions of Quakers of Color worldwide to the Society of Friends and to the broader community.

Our Advisory Committee 

Expertise in the selection and preservation processes, to complement the more than 50 years of experience of the Project director in Black history and culture, is already being utilized from the following experts in bibliography, preservation, Africana Studies, Quakerism, and Black Quaker Studies:



  • The late Rob Cox, Director of Special Collections, UMass/Amherst Library and Overseer, NEYM Archives, UMass/Amherst Library​. We are forever grateful for his enduring work without which this archive would probably not exist.

  • Emma Lapsansky, Prof. of History and Curator of the Quaker Collection, Emerita, Haverford College

  • Mary Craudereuff, Current Curator of the Quaker Collection, Haverford College Library

  • Aaron Rubinstein, Head of the Robert Cox Special Collections and University Archives at University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Professor Emma Lapsansky-Werner


Aaron Rubinstein


Mary Craudereuff