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Health Structural Violence against Black and Brown Bodies

Dear Friends, friends of Friends, and others,

Today we’re sharing with you another core concept from our new Pendle Hill pamphlet, Race, Systemic Violence, and Retrospective Justice: An African American Scholar-Activist Challenges Conventional Narratives by Dr. Harold D. Weaver, Jr.

Our theme is very important in our world today as we still struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic: health structural violence. There are many barriers in the USA that make it harder to access proper healthcare, and there are even those healthcare professionals who are harming patients, instead of helping them, with their prejudices and stereotypes. It is important that we understand how the healthcare system is violent towards patients of color so that everyone has safe access to healthcare.

Here are some of the forms of health structural violence that we have identified as being detrimental to African Americans, as well as to other marginalized groups:

  • Racist medical assumptions and practices

  • Prescription overpricing

  • Opioid epidemic

  • Food deserts

  • Linkage of health insurance to employment

  • Forced sterilization without knowledge or consent

  • Threatened rollback of abortion rights and other denials of bodily control

  • Tuskegee Institute experiments

The pamphlet is now available through the Pendle Hill Bookstore! You may order the pamphlet through this link:

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--The BlackQuaker Project



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