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COVID-19 and Quakers

Note: This page (last updated on June 29th, 2020) remains on our website for archival purposes only. The BlackQuaker Project hopes this collection of resources from the early era of the COVID-19 pandemic may still be of use to F/friends and others.  

Quaker Resources

Current Contexts of Global Quaker Communities


For daily updates on Africa from the African CDC click here.


Updates on Kenya

For daily updates on Kenya click here.

Sep 18 - Why is Kenya’s death rate so low? Read/listen here.

Coronavirus and police brutality are intermixing in Kenya’s second largest slum, Mathare.

Watch and read about the issues. 

Read the Monday June 29th update from the US Embassy in Kenya here.

Watch a video about how the locusts are affecting pastoralist communities and creating potential for conflict here.

Updates on Burundi

June 24 - Read about endangered health workers and prisoners in Burundi here.

Read about President Nkurunziza’s death here.  

Read HRW’s report on the grave situation of the virus in Burundi here.


Updates on Rwanda

July 15 - Read about how Rwanda is using many tactics, including previous HIV infrastructure, to keep COVID-19 cases low here.

Read about economic relief funding in Rwanda here

Read updates on Rwanda and other parts of East Africa from BBC News here

Updates on South Africa

Sep 19 - Read about how the initial shock of COVID-19 resulted in surprisingly low deaths here.

Read updates from the South African government on COVID-19 here

Read about COVID-19 and racial tensions in South Africa here.

Learn about South Africa’s 8 stage response here

South Africa started a trial for a vaccine developed at Oxford, watch here

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Updates on Cuba

Sep 30 - Read about the lifting of partial lockdown regulations in Havana here.

Cuba has declared the virus under control as of June 9th, watch how they did it here


Updates on Bolivia

As Bolivia struggles through political turmoil and record deaths from the coronavirus, the promotion of a toxic “cure” by politicians is exacerbating tensions. Read about it. in the NYTimes (Aug 22), Washington Post (July 17), and Polygraph (Aug 11)


Updates on Jamaica

Find daily updates on Jamaica here.

Sep 3 - Jamaica is managing a spike in COVID-19 cases that could be detrimental to the economy, read about it here.

Updates on the Canada

Sep 29- Canada is experiencing a spike in cases as small gatherings flout precautions and school re-open, read about it here.

Get daily updates about Canada here.

Updates on the United States

The US is beginning its fourth large-scale vaccine testing, read about it here. 

Read about racial inequalities in COVID-19 deaths and the collapse of the social safety net due to structural racism here. 


Updates on Palestine/Israel

Sep 1 - Some restrictions are limiting access to healthcare for those in Gaza, but there is hope for increased access. Read about it here.

Updates on India

Oct 13 - As COVID forces families into poverty, child labor is rising quickly. Read about it here.

Updates on Taiwan

Sep 22 - Taiwan handled the virus well, and drew off of their 2003 experience with SARS to control the pandemic. Read about their effective response here.


Updates on Hong Kong

Sep 15 - Testing in Hong Kong increases with a third wave of infections, read about it here

Follow three recent graduates living in Hong Kong, and how the virus is affecting their futures by watching this video.

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