COVID-19 and Quakers

The BlackQuaker Project recognizes the importance of empathy and understanding, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some resources to help you connect with other Quakers and begin to understand the many different contexts Quakers of Color around the globe are living in right now. We will continue to update these resources. Last updated June 29th, 2020.

Quaker Resources

Current Contexts of Global Quaker Communities


For daily updates on Africa from the African CDC click here.


Updates on Kenya

For daily updates on Kenya click here.

Coronavirus and police brutality are intermixing in Kenya’s second largest slum, Mathare.

Watch and read about the issues. 

Read the Monday June 29th update from the US Embassy in Kenya here.

Watch a video about how the locusts are affecting pastoralist communities and creating potential for conflict here.

Updates on Burundi

Read about President Nkurunziza’s death here.  

Read HRW’s report on the grave situation of the virus in Burundi here.


Updates on Rwanda

Read about economic relief funding in Rwanda here

Read updates on Rwanda and other parts of East Africa from BBC News here

Updates on South Africa

Read updates from the South African government on COVID-19 here

Read about COVID-19 and racial tensions in South Africa here.

Learn about South Africa’s 8 stage response here

South Africa started a trial for a vaccine developed at Oxford, watch here


Updates on Cuba

Cuba has declared the virus under control as of June 9th, watch how they did it here


Updates on Bolivia

Read updates on voting in Bolivia here.

After Bolivia opened up they experienced a resurgence in cases, as this video from June 12th describes. For an english translation, in the bottom right corner of the video click “Settings”, “Subtitles”, “Auto-translate”, and then choose “English”.

Updates on Jamaica

Find daily updates on Jamaica here.

Updates on the Canada

Get daily updates about Canada here.

Updates on the United States

Watch a video about the US resurgence and government’s reaction here.


Updates on Palestine/Israel

Read or listen to a story of unlikely friendships at Hotel Corona here

Read about potential repercussions of annexation on Israel and Palestine here.

Updates on India

Watch what’s happening as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in India here.

Updates on Taiwan

Watch a US report on how Taiwan was able control the virus here


Updates on Hong Kong

Follow three recent graduates living in Hong Kong, and how the virus is affecting their futures by watching this video.


The BlackQuaker Project (1) celebrates the lives and contributions of Quakers of Color worldwide and (2) documents and addresses their concerns. It is an outreach and in-reach ministry of Wellesley Friends Meeting, guided by the Quaker testimonies of Truth, Peace, Equality, Community, and Justice.


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